Pro Tip: Listen to Experienced Entrepreneurs

Aliquippa Allen can share what she's learned throughout her career

Successful business owners often warn budding entrepreneurs to avoid making the mistakes they did. Heeding their advice can prevent you from losing money, valuable connections and opportunities. An entrepreneur with decades of experience is sure to have countless life lessons to share with you, and that's certainly true of Aliquippa Allen.

Aliquippa would be glad to share personal anecdotes and professional development tips with you during a one-on-one business consultation. Call 719-229-5665 now to set up a meeting.

Who is Aliquippa Allen?

If you've had a chance to attend Toastmasters club meetings at the new Demopolis, AL chapter, you might have heard Aliquippa Allen share some of her experiences with the group. If not, we can introduce you.

Event organizers and entrepreneurs come to Aliquippa for guidance because she's...

  • A former educator - Aliquippa worked closely with students as an associate professor of management, then with fellow business and technology educators as a dean.
  • A local entrepreneur - Aliquippa owns The Social Butterfly Marketplace, which helps artisans establish a community presence.
  • An Air Force veteran - as a chief master sergeant, Aliquippa worked closely with the wing commander to effectively utilize, train, manage and inspire 6,200 enlisted personnel.

Aliquippa Allen Will Make Time for You

Meet with her one-on-one to discuss your professional development